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When Felice was studying counseling in graduate school, she was told by one of her professors that "to be a good counselor, you need to be in counseling."  Following this advice, Felice began seeing a counselor following her graduation.  She has continued counseling throughout the years, and during her marriage Felice and her husband John have participated in marital counseling.

"I never want it to appear that I am on a pedestal," Felice says.   "I want my clients to know that, as a counselor, I am not immune to life's challenges and have learned a great deal from my own counselor."  When appropriate, Felice believes in self-disclosure, sharing her own experiences with her clients if she believes it would be helpful.

A common complaint Felice hears from clients with previous counseling experience involves counselors who merely offered a " supportive ear" rather than suggesting a course of action which would benefit the client.  While this type of "active listening" therapy was certainly the norm years ago, the contemporary approach addresses a desire on the part of the clients for a more interactive form of therapy, one in which the counselor provides direction to the client through feedback, opinions, and even "homework" assignments.  Accordingly, Felice's counseling style is based on a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), both of which involve direction and guidance by the counselor.

"Life can be hard," Felice says, ”and my goal is to transport my clients to the other side of whatever issue it is that they bring to counseling.  Ultimately, they will be stronger because of the experience and they will be able to appreciate the personal growth that their challenge forced them to make.  Sometimes life pushes us, kicking and screaming, out of our comfort zones, and when that happens, the goal is to end up in an even better place."

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